Writing ad copy for radio

Better still, there are several great, booming online radio options like Pandora and Spotify, with highly segmented audiences that you can target.

Writing ad copy for radio

Interested prospects might search for something like this: To make it easy for people to convert and remove ambiguity, all these ads should focus on telling prospects what they want to hear: Because the goal of the searcher is to have someone buy their car.

Or even worse, will they get a call back from seven interested companies who will spam them until they die?

Google has recently come out with a simple countdown timer you can set within your text ads. All you have to do is add this little snippet inside your headline or description: This is what the countdown dashboard looks like. After you set the end date, your ad will include a countdown in real time.

We used the countdown feature to countdown the days until Thanksgiving and holiday deals began. We discovered the click and impression assisted conversions for this ad copy performed at a significantly higher rate than other copy.

writing ad copy for radio

We also saw higher conversions associated with this copy on Thanksgiving and for about a week after as a result. The concept of being current and timely is pretty intuitive; what happened recently will get more eyeballs and interest than what happened three months ago.

The same is true with your AdWords ads. Have you tried testing copy that states how many customers you serviced last month or this year? I put this to the test for a tax accounting firm.

Here were the two ads we pitted against each other: The control ad top and the variation bottom The result? Get super specific Numbers are easy to digest and understand, and studies show that incorporating them into your copy can make it appear more accurate and credible. The control ad top and the variation bottom Which one do you think performed the best?

The control ad did.


Just kidding, the new ad did! Why did this happen? The specificity of the new ad could have made it just a tad more credible than the control ad. How could we make the ad perform even better?

writing ad copy for radio

By getting even more specific. If you're including a number, write out the exact number! The more specific you are, the more believable you become. And the more believable you become, the bigger your chances are of becoming the next David Blaine, or just really good at giving people a pleasant experience.

Make things personal When it comes to writing ads, do you sometimes fall into the trap of being a little egocentric? Words like that fail to focus on the customer's needs and can hurt your chances of getting a click — not to mention they've been shown to hurt conversions on landing pages, too.

Take these ads for example: Which one stands out and gets you most excited to click? One could argue both Shopify and Volusion do a great job, but we all know that AmeriCommerce struggles.

What can you do for me?!Aug 03,  · Dear Ali; I am trying to sell my house myself (as a FSBO, For Sale By Owner), and I am little stuck in trying to write classified ad copy.

Do you have any insider tips? Radio copy is difficult to write, as you have to say as much as you can within a very short space of time, usually 30 seconds. Your radio ad scripts have to be catchy, fun, and written in a specific way for radio, so that a voice over artist can convey your message effectively for the listeners.

Here in New Jersey the mid point for a freelance copywriter to write an ad for radio is $72 per hour. That's the average. But you need a writer that knows how to write radio ads (and many don't), you need to let the writer write, and you need a production team that knows what the hell its doing.

Read on and we’ll show you five powerful tips to create strong radio copy, resulting in radio commercials that hook your listeners in and get them to buy. Good radio ads tip #1: Know the audience Whether on television, video, radio, or print ads, you need to know what audience will be consuming your ad.

If writing expertly-crafted ad copy isn’t your thing, you can always hire a professional content writing service like initiativeblog.com We’ll take care of creating . The 4 steps to writing a compelling job, including examples of a job ad so compelling it inspired a Hollywood movie.

Writing job ads. The 4 steps to writing a compelling job, including examples of a job ad so compelling it inspired a Hollywood movie. How to Write Compelling Job Ads. James Clift. May 29, 4 min read.

The war for talent.

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