The stages of alzheimers disease essay

The Stages of Alzheimer's: The person you're caring for might not experience every symptom or behavioral change, and the disease's timetable can vary. A particular Alzheimer's stage may last years longer for one person than for another, and symptoms can be experienced at earlier or later stages than described below. Because Alzheimer's is a progressive disease, however, it always starts with mild symptoms and gradually worsens as it continues.

The stages of alzheimers disease essay

The disease has been known about for a decent amount of time but the overall progress come to when it comes to preventing or curing the disorder has become remained frustratingly slow. Even so, progress is indeed being made and more is now known about the disorder than was before.

This report will explore the possible known causes of the disease, the symptoms, the treatments that current exist and the general prognosis for those that contract the disorder.

Analysis Many people are familiar with the general disorder that has come to be known as dementia. In total, about 4. The vast majority, but not all, of the people that contract the disorder are over the age of sixty years old when symptoms manifest.

The disorder, like dementia, leads to an overall degradation in memory function. Indeed, the first thing that seems to go is memory function overall.

Next to go are things like emotions and inhibitions. In terms of what is going on with the brain itself, there are lesions forming on it. These are known as amyloid plagues or tangles. These lesions accumulate and become bigger.

Thesis On Alzheimers Disease

This coincides with an ability to cope with daily life that declines with every passing day as the disease starts to run its course.

The progressing deterioration is caused by the affected brain cells dying off. There have been theories about aluminum, such as from pans and such, being a cause but this has mostly been shot down and disregarded as being sound science WebMD, However, the introduction did make mention of prevention and the main avenue to accomplish this seems to be a commitment to "exercising" and….Dementia /Alzheimers Disease Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease Dementia What is Dementia?

Dementia is the basic term for loss of memory, and other mental abilities severe enough to . Stages of Alzheimer’s disease: 7-stage model In addition to the three stages of Alzheimer’s, your doctor may also use a diagnostic framework with five, six, or seven levels.

Progression through these stages usually lasts from 8 to 10 years, but again, differs from person to person and can stretch out for as long as 20 years.

The Major Effects of Alzheimer's Disease words - 7 treatment for Alzheimer's is still in the early stages but there are many drug treatments available which help slow its progression, and help with cognitive functions.

Thesis On Alzheimers Disease.

Alzheimer's Disease - A Summary - by George Pararas-Carayannis Ph.D

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The stages of alzheimers disease essay

A A. A A A. Home > Therapeutic Activities for 3 Main Stages of Alzheimer’s disease; Therapeutic Activities for 3 Main Stages of Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Eighth Avenue, 7th Floor. The Stages and Treatments of Alzheimer’s Disease Essay Words 4 Pages The Stages and Treatments of Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease with many different stages that slows one’s lifestyle and has no real cure.

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