The exciting venture of space tourism

The immense expanse of the universe and our place within it is endlessly fascinating.

The exciting venture of space tourism

Get in contact with us. Various companies see below are involved in developing the technology and processes to partake in space resources operations.

There are also numerous other companies, some listed, that are creating the technology e. CubeSats, launch, communications required for extracting space resource. For more information on listed space and aerospace companies, visit Space Stocks.

Asteroid Mining - Space Ventures Investors

Asteroid Mining Asteroid Mining Business Model Asteroid Mining has attracted noteworthy attention, from the media, venture capital, and grass-roots technological theorists on how best to execute an operation.

Estimates range from to as when operational asteroid miners will be proving their theories and technology to their financial backers. More important the technology an capital required to send asteroid miners into space is the mandate to do so: Investing in Asteroid Mining is an important strategy for Space Ventures Investors, and our view on how and where to proceed is shaped in part by our own Space Commerce Road Map and our following moderate projections on how the business will evolve.

The business model of extracting material from asteroids in based on two important and variables: The Value on Earth The value of material, as determined by their scarcity on earth, e. Precious and rare metals will always have value in a technological progressive world, and the eventual how and when of a pay-off including an investor exit needs to be key to any strategy to invest in proposed asteroid mining.

There are many exotic minerals that have a high worth, yet the problems of finding and extracting them on earth might be just the same as in a hostile asteroid belt. On a positive note, who dares wins: An agile first-mover operation with a clear directive e.

The Value in Space The value of the material, as determined by their use in space, supporting space missions and space infrastructure, e. Disregarding lower launch costs when shipping material into space like water and energy, finding these resources in space makes sense.

But to launch large scale asteroid reconnaissance missions, fund and man extraction and refining operations, lower launch costs are integral to funding and operations.

For space infrastructure, then comes the required pay-off between hauling resources, energy and materials into space from earth, or going to an asteroid belt, locating, extracting and refining them.

The combination of fabrication in space and asteroid mining that is extraction of minerals, refining and production in space plus the use of automated systems like robotic personnel, offers the greatest value and use of space resources.

Funding Asteroid Mining Following the principles of existing mining explorers, asteroid mining follows the same process: What is deemed valuable may change: The timeline of the operation will be at least a decade, and as technology improves, half that.

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The two biggest questions will be cash flow, and the changing value of the target resources as the operation progresses. Rising value increases investor appetite. Asteroid Mining is an expensive, enterprising and exciting industry in its early infancy.

The exciting venture of space tourism

Interestingly, two sayings from the past can offer guidance on this topic: Who profited from Gold Rushes? The guy selling the shovels to the prospective gold miners made more than them. Another is apparently from Mark Twain: A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar at the top Both of them hold vital clues about Asteroid Mining.

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The space infrastructure business supporting the extraction of resources from asteroids will be profitable before the asteroid miners, who also must not promise a sky full of diamonds only to serve up comet dust.

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The exciting venture of space tourism

About. Mission & Staff; Become a Member; Investor Member Directory; Service Providers. The number of private space companies continues to grow. If you want to help, consider making a donation, volunteering your time, or hiring their services.

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