The evolution of tattoos essay

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The evolution of tattoos essay

A look at the evolution of tattoosand piercings Rated: For many teens these days, it isnt common to have a tattoo or a piercing. Almost as common as having a cell phone or those new hip shoes, and most often, its just as expensive!

Now, we all know there are many arguements about tattoos and piercings, both for and against them. Tattoo and piercings have most definitly become more and more popular as the years progress, as more youth and young adults are trying to find themselves.

They tend to give teens a sense of individuality and often symbolize something important in their lives. It also expresses their artistic sides, just like their music and stlye of clothes.

Now as everyone knows, they are some people who are not so crazy about the whole idea of piercings or tattoos. These people are of course, our parents. Parents are being told to watch out for their children and what the do to their bodies.

They seem to think that a piercing or a tattoo will invoke rambunctioness and rebelling and that their children are involved in "risky behaviour. Timothy Roberts, a professer at the University of Rochester in New York, there are clear links between body piercings and this "risky behaviour" in teens.

But the study is quite flawed in that the infromation is gathered from teens aged but not placed in specific age groups, and nowhere noted that 16 is the legal age to get pierced and 18 to get tattooed with parental consent.

The evolution of tattoos essay

Parents' concerns about tattoos and piercings is a bit understandable. If you do not take care of your body art, there is a definite result of serious infection.

While piercings can be removed and take time to heal over, tattoos are permament. The only way to remove a tattoo is to get laser surgery, which can be very painful and very expensive.

The best thing to do, is to look at the body art facilities together to find one that is very clean and it also helps to talk about it. Parent educator Sue Bourque thinks that the decision for teens to express themselves in all forms should be celebrated.

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The skin is punctured with a sharp instrument, which is now usually an electric needle. In Burma, tattooing was mainly used for religious purposes and in Japan it was for ornamental purposes.

As tattooing spread thoughout the Pacific Islands and to Australia, it began to be used for religious beliefs to denote tribal communities and to show a man or womans rank and marriage status. The Romans however, used tattoos to denote slaves and criminals. Tattoos were banned for christians by Pope Hadrian I in A.

Up until thetattoos survived in Britain, when the Normans took over England. Tattoos were still around but only began to fleurish again when Captain Cook began to bring men from the South Pacific to display in England.

Soliders usually wanted tattoos that gave a rememberance to a lost friend or conrad like, hearts, snakes, roses, dragons, eagles and ships.Review our catchy essay title examples. Bad vs. Good Essay Titles. The best essay titles take a paper and sum it up in a few words.

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Here are some examples from a veteran essay writer to show you what differentiates bad and good essay titles. The Evolution Of Tattoos Essay - The Evolution of Tattoos They’re what you see on your friends, family and people walking on the streets.

This growing debate on tattoos brings me to the point of the evolution of tattoos. The history of the tattoo dates back to as early as B.C. where the bodies of Egyptian mummies have been found to have tattoos.

As Egypt's Empire ascended so did the tattoo, when the Polynesians began tattooing around B.C. Tattoos on the heart Essay examples.

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Words Jul 26th, Tattoos In Western Culture Essay. Tattoos in Western Culture The art of tattooing has changed in modern times quite drastically. It is slowly becoming more acceptable to own and display tattoos on one’s body. In more conservative times, those with tattoos were looked on as social.

Mar 26,  · Many of these "old school" designs and styles are some of the most popular of today's tattoo culture. As the years progressed, so did the types of clients sitting in the tattooist's chair. The paper explores the origins of tattoos from the first evidence found in the remains of a five-thousand-year-old, preserved 'ice-man', through the Australian Aboriginals, the .

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