Scholastic art and writing awards silver key necklace

This year, more than 3, submissions were entered by Virginia students grades A recognized Gold Key, and Silver Key award recipients at ceremonies held on March 1 and 2, Thirty-five students from the Richmond Art Region have received 40 prestigious National Awards for their exceptional artwork. Out of the total, 18 Gold Medals were awarded and 22 Silver Medals were awarded.

Scholastic art and writing awards silver key necklace

Monday, the nonprofit Alliance for Young Artists and Writers announced the winners. Charlotte area schools are included in the Mid-Carolina Region and won huge accolades. A total of 8 gold medals and 25 silver medals were awarded to area students - 19 of which were given to students at Charlotte Mecklenburg high schools.

This process started with more thanstudents, gradessubmitting their artwork or written pieces for judging on the regional level. The Gold Key winners were then entered in the national competition.

Monday was the big day for students in our region! At noon, they were let out of class to go with their teachers to log on to the national web site and see if their entry won nationally.

The expressions are priceless. And the honors many! Stephens High School, and William A. Any national attention is significant for these blossoming artists and writers, but these awards set the bar pretty high with some icons of the art world have won these honors over the years.

It's been a long running tradition of celebrating excellence in art and writing since Teachers sent me notes along with pictures of their students as they learned of their awards.

Lori Davis, Chair of English at Gaston Day school, said it was great fun to watch her two students see they won for writing. Providence High School students were honored with silver and gold awards for Poetry and Flash Fiction. Brian Hester, their teacher, said Blaine was "humbled" and "grateful for the recognition.

Charlotte Catholic High School's photography teacher Joann Keane was proud that two of her students were recognized in the regional competition, one going on to win a national Silver for her work.

Madi Susi's piece 'Shower Door Shadows' won. Two Gaston County school are enjoying success in the national competition.

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Their teacher, Lori Davis, Chair of English said it was, "Great fun working to catch the girls as they found out about their awards.

Ben McGonnell, from William A.

scholastic art and writing awards silver key necklace

Congratulations to all the students who were recognized! If you have a photo of your child you'd like to share please email me at moboyle wbtv.Lee’s painting and Gould’s necklace were judged to be within the top 1% of the , works of art and writing submitted this year. Both students “unlocked” their chance to compete on the national level of this prestigious competition by winning Gold Key awards in the regional event.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the nation’s largest, longest-running, most prestigious visual and literary arts program recognizing creative accomplishments of students. The competition recognizes the vision, ingenuity, and talent of young artists and provides an opportunity for creative teens to .

Exceptional works were awarded Gold Key, Silver Key or Honorable Mentions. Gold Key artwork goes on to compete in the national Scholastic Art Awards competition.

Select award-winning regional entries will be exhibited in a month-long exhibition at the Holland Project Gallery at Vesta Street in Reno.

scholastic art and writing awards silver key necklace

Laurel Students Earn 43 Scholastic Art Awards Find out which students were named winners Silver Key Award Jewelry, Flowers And Leaf Necklace Emily Ross ' Design, Japanese Inspired.

Draped Silver Necklace. Egyptian Patterned Necklace. Tree Statement Necklace. In , I was awarded two gold keys, one silver key, and one honorable mention in the 3D category for art metals in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

In , I was introduced to digital photography and graphic design. Kudos to five AMSA students whose visual artwork earned awards in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program (Mass. region)! - Anna Cherkinsky earned a Gold Key .

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