Ralph nader research paper

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Ralph Nader is an intelligent, articulate, leader with visionary qualities. He has dozens of accomplishments, any one of which would have made the career of most famous people.

Ralph nader research paper

In four states, Georgia, Indiana, Idaho, and Wyoming, Nader's name did not appear on the state ballot but he was eligible to receive official write-in votes that were counted. In 3 states, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, Nader neither appeared on the state ballot nor was he eligible to receive write-in votes.

Campaign issues Nader campaigned Ralph nader research paper the pervasiveness of corporate power and spoke on the need for campaign finance reform.

His campaign also addressed problems with the two party systemvoter fraud, environmental justice, universal healthcareaffordable housingfree education including college, workers' rights and increasing the minimum wage to a living wage.

He also focused on the three-strikes rule, exoneration for prisoners for drug related non-violent crimeslegalization of commercial hemp and a shift in tax policies to place the burden more heavily on corporations than on the middle and lower classes.

He opposed pollution credits and giveaways of publicly owned assets. Nader and many of his supporters believed that the Democratic Party had drifted too far to the right. Throughout the campaign, Nader noted he had no worries about taking votes from Al Gore.

He stated, "Isn't that what candidates try to do to one another--take votes? I've got news for Al Gore: If he can't beat the bumbling Texas governor with that terrible record, he ought to go back to Tennessee.

The campaign staged a series of large political Super Rallies that each drew over 10, paying attendees, such as 12, in Boston. Bush were " Tweedledee and Tweedledum -they look and act the same, so it doesn't matter which you get.

Bush defeated Al Gore by votes. Nader received 97, votes in Florida and Pat Buchanan and Harry Browne received 17, and 16, respectivelywhich led to claims that Nader was responsible for Gore's defeat. Nader, both in his book Crashing the Party and on his website, states: The 22, votes for Nader 3.

When asked about claims of being a spoiler, Nader typically points to the controversial Supreme Court ruling that halted a Florida recount, Gore's loss in his home state of Tennessee, and the "quarter million Democrats who voted for Bush in Florida.

They wrote an open letter to Nader dated October 21,which stated in part, "It is now clear that you might well give the White House to Bush. As a result, you would set back significantly the social progress to which you have devoted your entire, astonishing career.

Ralph nader research paper

You have also broken your word to your followers who signed the petitions that got you on the ballot in many states. You pledged you would not campaign as a spoiler and would avoid the swing states. Your recent campaign rhetoric and campaign schedule make it clear that you have broken this pledge Please accept that I, and the overwhelming majority of the environmental movement in this country, genuinely believe that your strategy is flawed, dangerous and reckless.

Ralph Nader Essay Outline

Our membership did rise, but Mr. Nader ignores the harmful consequences of the Reagan-Watt tenure. Logging in national forests doubled. Acid rain fell unchecked. Cities were choked with smog. Oil drilling, mining and grazing increased on public lands.

A Bush administration promises more drilling and logging, and less oversight of polluters. It would be little solace if our membership grew while our health suffered and our natural resources were plundered. If Gore loses even a few of those states, then Hello, President Bush.

And if Bush does win, then Goodbye to so much of what Nader and his followers profess to cherish.

Ralph nader research paper

Levine, in his essay Ralph Nader as Mad Bomber states that Tarek Milleron, Ralph Nader's nephew and advisor, when asked why Nader would not agree to avoid swing states where his chances of getting votes were less, answered, "Because we want to punish the Democrats, we want to hurt them, wound them.

Nobody, for instance, can imagine Gore picking as the nation's chief law enforcement officer a man of [John] Ashcroft 's anti-civil rights, antitrust, anti-abortion and anti-gay record.

Or picking Bush's first choice to head the Labor Department, Linda Chavezwho opposes the minimum wage and affirmative action.Ralph Nader The Contrasting Views of Milton Friedman and Ralph Nader on Corporate Social Responsibility The new requried leadership in Korea based on political and economical issues Between the middle of the Fifteenth century and Eighteenth century, there was a wide range of views of the poor and disenfranchised in Western Europe, including the.

By Ralph Nader July 18, Dr. Sidney Wolfe, the nationally known long time director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, called Warner “a hero of mine.” He also pointed out that mindless converting from paper records to digital records might ill-serve the patients.

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Ralph Nader occasionally helped at his father's restaurant, as well as worked as a newspaper delivery boy for the local paper, the Winsted Register Citizen. Nader graduated from The Gilbert School in , American Politics Research Service/branch: United States Army.

 Ralph Nader Q&A Paper #2 Born in Connecticut in , Ralph Nader is known as an author, politician, and lawyer. In Ralph Nader’s book “Seventeen Traditions”, he explains his values and his life growing up.

He talks about several traditions and the importance of social values and the role that families play. Some people claim that a growing anti-party sentiment accompanied by a decline of trust may pose an advantage for the rise of third-party-impact on the political initiativeblog.com the declining turnout, or the drop in strong party.

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