Perfect blue essay

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Perfect blue essay

It was also a story of confusion between memory and the real world. On many occasions I thought I would have done things differently. I got my chance to realize those thoughts with Perfect Blue.

So I already had an interest in that kind of plot, to consciously compose the story in such a manner… To be honest, I care very little about the idea of the stalker in Perfect Blue. The storytelling aspects interest me much more. Looking at things objectively or subjectively gives two very different images.

For an outsider, the dreams and the film within a film are easy to separate from the real world. But for the person who is experiencing them, everything is real. I wanted to describe that kind of situation, so I applied it in Perfect Blue. All three films are stories about the confusion between reality and fantasy, the subjective nature of perception and memory, and the identity of the female performer.

The result is an astounding cinematic tour de force. She finds her agent Rumi in the hallway and when they return to the set, the body of Mi-maniac has disappeared. Did Mima imagine it? After a struggle and chase, Rumi is severely wounded and almost killed by an oncoming truck…until an injured Mima saves her at the last moment.

Mima is calm and collected, and while leaving the hospital two female nurses wonder if she is really the successful actress Mima or just a look-a-like. Fantasy One of the key themes in Perfect Blue is the boundary between reality and illusion.

Thus, the subjective nature of perception is scrutinized. Did she dream the event or was it real? As the plot spirals deeper into paranoia and confusion, the scenes get shorter and shorter while the cuts become more sudden and jarring. Upon the first viewing of this film, it is often hard to make sense of the scenes and piece together the fragmented elements of the plot.

This is probably why there are quite a few people who dislike Perfect Blue — they find it illogical, contradictory and write it off as a poorly-made movie with graphic violence and rape. However, Kon knew exactly what he was doing when he made together Perfect Blue.

Furthermore, the repetition of key events and locations during the second half of the film creates a nightmarish loop.

There are no sepia-tones, no grainy film reels reminiscent of home movies, and no Hitchcock-esque whirlpools. This causes the viewer to question which narrative is actually real — the original plot or the plot of Double Bind. There is no way illusions can come to life.

Even when she does, it is questionable if she is expressing her true feelings or conforming to the desires of others. Because Mima has such an underdeveloped sense of who she is, she relies on the people around her to define her identity.

Eva murdered Carlo as an act of vengeance — both for his personal betrayal and the betrayal of her fans after Eva, literally, lost her voice. Rosemary Jackson points out in Fantasy: The first reflective device is a train window.

One cannot disregard the pressure the Mima feels as a public figure and the consequences that she faces for not living up to the expectations of her fans. Her physical apartment becomes increasingly disheveled over the course of the film.

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Her pet fish die. Wide shots of her apartment — viewed through her window from across the street — are frequently used also visually emphasize her isolation. Mima lives alone in a small, solitary apartment. The singularly lit up space visually isolates her from the world around her.

Kon also enhances the emotional impact of the film by overlaying images and scenes on top of one another. This is something that the viewer senses on an emotional level.

He also reinforces the main dramatic question — Who is Mima? Will Mima discover who she really is?Island of the Blue Dolphins is a children’s novel by Scott O'Dell that was first published in This IELTS discussion essay sample answer is estimated at band 9.

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Feb 28,  · "Perfect Blue" seems flawless as motion pictures can go, and the odd choice of using animation as medium (it was originally meant to be a normal live action movie) makes it different than the rest.

This is a blessing as neither anime fans nor horror fans have seen a quality animated horror movie like this before. 8//10(K). Jun 05,  · Perfect Blue is a movie that put me in a state of such genuine unease and confusion, that even though I literally just watched it an hour ago from this post, I just had to vomit my thoughts on here.

Perfect blue essay

Perfect Blue is a film that's terrifying in an incredibly realistic way. It's a movie. Exploring and attempting to understand Satoshi Kon's amazing Perfect Blue. In-depth analysis of it's characters, themes, and composition.

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