Peretz sontag business plan

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Peretz sontag business plan

Establishing or revising an estate plan first and foremost involves making a series of decisions, some of which can be daunting. We hope that the information below serves as a useful guide during this process. What is an estate plan and why do I need one? Contrary to popular belief, estate planning typically involves more than just signing a Will.

It generally involves two sets of considerations: Lifetime planning may involve choosing decision-makers to make health or financial decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated. For high net worth individuals, lifetime planning may also involve establishing tax-efficient gifting strategies during life.

A testamentary plan, on the other hand, will designate the individuals or charities who are to inherit your assets at death, and in what capacity e.

In addition, a testamentary plan may appoint a guardian to care for your minor children, as well as an executor to administer your estate, and a trustee to oversee any trusts that may be created after your death.

Lastly, if you have a taxable estate, your testamentary plan will be crafted with specific tax planning strategies in mind. If you do not have an estate plan, the default provisions of state law will govern how your assets pass at death.

The result may not be what you want. What documents comprise an estate plan? Your personal situation will dictate what paperwork needs to be drafted and signed in order to implement your estate plan. If you own your own business, for example, business succession planning may necessitate the need for more complicated agreements.

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Below is a list of basic documents that may have an impact on your estate plan: Similarly, any retirement benefits or life insurance proceeds pass to the beneficiaries named on the beneficiary designation forms — regardless of what your Will says. Any assets not passing by law or beneficiary designation will generally pass pursuant to the provisions in your Will.

What do these documents do exactly?

peretz sontag business plan

Each of your estate planning documents will serve a slightly different purpose. Below is an explanation of each. The DPOA appoints an agent to act on your behalf during your life. It allows the agent to act on a broad range of matters, including financial and real estate. It is signed during life, becomes effective immediately and continues to remain in effect if you become incapacitated.

A DPOA terminates on death. The HCP appoints an agent to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so. So long as you are not incapacitated, you make your own health-related decisions.

A Living Will provides written instructions on your wishes in the event of incapacity. For example, the Living Will would indicate whether you would want to forego life-sustaining treatment in the event you had an incurable or irreversible condition that rendered you incapacitated.

As mentioned above, at your death, the property passes automatically to the named beneficiary. Additionally, if you own property — such as real estate or brokerage accounts — jointly with another individual, the remaining assets will pass automatically to the joint owner at your death.

The assets you own at your death that have not passed via beneficiary designation or operation of law will generally pass under the terms of your Will. A Will also specifies who you would like to serve as guardian of any minor children, and also as executor of your estate.

A Will is generally structured so that you dispose of your tangible personal property to a specific individual or individuals, while the remainder of your estate passes either to a trust or trusts for one or more individuals, or outright.

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The Middle East Enters the Twenty-first Century