Jungian psychology analyze on steppenwolf essay

Cheap research paper writing services Sample Paper on Carl Jung Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychologist who pioneered the field of analytical psychology. Jung introduced the concepts of the introverted and extroverted personalities, collective unconsciousness, and archetypes. His work has influenced fields like psychiatry, literature, and religion.

Jungian psychology analyze on steppenwolf essay

Modern organization impose unity of the personality as objective truth; this view becomes the unity paradigm which leads tnaturally manifold individuals to dehumanize themselves into one-dimensional beings.

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Hesse presented this need for an unequivocal face as the need for a unified personality and illuminated, through the example of a judge, how severely individuals repressed their humanity in order to achieve unity and fulfill their functional role: The judge who sits over the murderer and looks into his face, and at one moment recognizes all the emotions and potentialities and possibilities of the murderer in his own soul, is at the next one and indivisible as the judge, and scuttle back into the shell of his cultivated self and does his duty and condemns the murderer to death.

Once the majority of individuals believe that unity brings truthful existence there becomes a collective interest in protecting the unity paradigm.

Jungian psychology analyze on steppenwolf essay

Unity in Steppenwolf parallels what Kierkegaard described as objective truth: The view that unity of the personality equals an objective truth, which must be attained by any means, including repression and spiritual violence, embodies the unity paradigm.

Individuals who are unable to achieve unity create dual personalities, thereby fulfilling the functional role of exile and thus continuting to operate through the unity paradigm. Yet just as the judge retained the ability to connect to his manifold self, Harry also periodically connects with the multiplicity in his soul: After Harry reconnects with the archetypes in his own soul he will will then reconnect to the collective unconscious: Since Harry has completed the first step of individuation, integrating the shadow wolf into his personality, the anima is able to appear Rockwood This represents a turning for Haller, who earlier viewed his dualistic life as a black hole now, through individuation, values all that his many souls have experienced.

Attaining subjective truth, where truth stems from the relationship between subject and object, can holistically cure the dehumanizaion created by the unity paradigm and create a lasting inner peace.

Thus the Harry that constructs his soul from authentic pieces from himself holds more truth than the Harry that creates unity with the false representations of his soul; this holds true even if the combined chess pieces created a false version of Harry and the repression creates a true unity because it is the how, not the what, that creates truth Jacoby Beautiful, beautiful figures, lovely pictures, wonderful bodies.

There, where the mark was, I plunged in my knife to the hilt. Like the judge who condemns the murderer to death in order to fulfill his function despite recognizing the shared experiences between them, Harry kills his anima to fulfill his function in society, that of the torn exile who is made of only the persona and shadow archetypes.

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Pablo illuminates this failure: Steppenwolf illuminates that the paradigms imposed upon individuals via the machinery of modern society in childhood create fundamental changes in the development of a person throughout his entire life.

Only through simultaneous shifts in individuality and collective consciousness can one move towards a holistic freedom. Steppenwolf, Jung and Kierkegaard detailed the steps necessary for the individual; now they must be applied to modern society.Feb 10,  · Carl Jung's Exploration of the Unconscious Mind Carl Jung is best known for his exploration of the unconscious mind, developed through his education in Freudian theory, mythology, religion, and philosophy.

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Psychoanalytic, Neoanalytic, Jungian, and Individual Psychology Theory Nowadays, people begin to understand that the knowledge of human psychology plays a great role in the everyday life. It means that basic understanding of different psychologi.

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The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco in cooperation with the International Association for Analytical Psychology and Analysis and + African American Jungian Analysts: On Culture, Clinical Training/Practice and Racism. IAJS Regional Japan Conference Call For Papers: Jungian Psychology: East and West, encountering .

Jungian archetypes, defined as “involuntary manifestations of unconscious processes” (Rockwood 48), further illuminate the ways in which the Steppenwolf division stemmed from the unity paradigm. The wolf manifests “all that is wild” in Harry and he “considers it wicked and dangerous and the bugbear of all decent life” (Hesse 43).

In Steppenwolf he used none of the terms of Jungian theory--since he was writi ng a novel and not a textbook--but he did make use of Jungian ideas. Harry Haller's wolf self can be seen as the "shadow" in Jungian theory.

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