Issues with offshore call centres

There are a number of commercial risks and legal issues with offshore outsourcing that all organisations should be aware of prior to signing an outsourcing contract.

Issues with offshore call centres

After, the phone menu comes long times on hold, often just to reach a switchboard operator who then connects them to the dept. The hold experience often includes multiple instances of these sales pitch interruptions. The audio is so bad, voices are often garbled.

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People at the call center are often seated so close together, the customer hears about twenty other conversations going on in the background. I will never change my mind on this. It has nothing to do with race, or accents…just patriotism. If my call was outsourced to Canada, I would have a problem with that too.

That just shows how little companies actually care about customers service… charged99 when ever I get someone from the USA for support I thank the company that I only had to call once to get the issue resolved calling 3rd world countries who not only have a difficult time speaking english but there dialect of there english is so off because of there accent.

Cutting corners and corners eventually backfires.

If you hired an American you could resolve the issue only 1 times instead of calling back times to only speak to corporate who is an American to resolve your issue but in the long run the customer was on the phone hours when an American could of resolved this in minutes.

So is it really cheaper? James So is all trade unpatriotic or just offshoring contact centers? I would put American jobs before maximizing Profits.

Kudos to Discover Card, who does this. Im a proud customer of theirs. Guest The other unspoken issue here is with bias against people with accents. I only looked at outsourced call centers and strong accents are often seen as a problem.

I agree that the main problem is often the bias against people with accent. I remember reading a piece about Irish people dealing with UK customers and being insulted because of their accent. Gosh, the level of ignorance of some people will always baffle me!

The average contact center worker in India or the Philippines is college educated, and most importantly considers the call center an exciting career. Labelling them less competent merely for being foreign is as ignorant and racist as what you claim to be baffled by here.

An Offshore Financial Centre or OFC is defined as a country or jurisdiction that provides financial services to nonresidents on a scale that is incommensurate with the noting that: Offshore financial centres (OFCs) are not easily In relation to bond issues, offshore special purpose vehicles are often used in relation to asset. Offshore call centers are useless Target has one of the worst. Their live chat, email and telephone service must all be offshore. I wasted hours trying to get answers and all would or could not help me with an order issue. While some businesses have the resources to support an in-house call center or hand it off to a U.S.-based call-center provider, an offshore contact center is generally a more cost-effective option.

American agents taking care of customer service for India would bring the exact same problem. If anything, good Filipinos and Indian call center agents are far more qualified than most of their american counterparts. I agree that I took some unfortunate shortcuts in this article and generalized the problem.

The language problem is however still a reality. I know working for a call center is considered a good career in many countries and I am sure Indian and Filipinos agents are really good at their job.

This article is far from perfect but I can assure you I never meant to insult or disrespect offshore workers. I am deeply sorry if I did. How do you come to this conclusion? Or is it really an over compensating comment to defend against someone calling you racist?

I think the problem often is that offshore means cutting costs for companies. This unfortunately happens in both home based and outsourced call centers. You have to reapply for service. You tell them something a smart dog can understand and they read you a script which has nothing to do with your inquiry.

They rarely solve problems, and often misquote my contract. I am talking specifically about a Cable Company I will not deal with any longer in the United States. It is a cruel joke. This is not to belittle Indian nor Indian intelligence.

I feel like I am talking to a computer, or an Android.Communication issues in offshore-onshore model. some degree of offshoring or right shoring as some tend to call it.

Issues with offshore call centres

services, back office functions, Call . call centre offshoring. 2 Your customers could be demanding more too – it Handle overflow issues in an instant with access to a larger pool of call centre agents and teams that can be hooked into offshore call centres.

They can do this either as a one-off. Offshore Financial Centers (OFCs): IMF Staff Assessments Offshore Financial Centers (OFCs): Note for the IMF Executive Board June 29, , goods may be made onshore but invoices are issues offshore by an IBC owned by the multinational, moving onshore profits to low tax regimes.

A call center can drastically improve efficiency and optimization by focusing on a few vital issues. Agent Engagement: agents often struggle with engagement in call center work due . Call center offshore outsourcing has gained a lot of attention recently.

From industry titans like Time Warner Inc., Hershey Foods and The Wall Street Journal that have made headlines by claiming to have outsourced some, or part, of their call center workforce in an attempt to slash costs [1].

Telstra’s offshore call centre in cultural alignment shocker. In an article on last week author Spandas Lui took aim at the challenges in offshore call centres understanding the cultural differences and local sensitivities.

Or could it have been a simple misunderstanding on the definition of the word ideology?

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