India essay denmark

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India essay denmark

The main office of the Firm is in New Delhi, conveniently located next to the diplomatic mission area.

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It is easily accessible from all parts of Delhi as well as its suburbs. The Partners and members of the Firm are senior professionals with years of experience behind them.

They bring the highest level of professional service to clients along with the traditions of the profession, integrity and sound ethical practices.

Members of the Firm are in tune with the work-culture of international law firms as well as the expectations of large corporate clients.

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The Firm has amongst its clients multi nationals, embassies and leading Indian corporations. The firm handles a large volume of disputes.

India essay denmark

The 'proactive and imaginative' Sumeet Kachwaha is highly rated for both litigation and arbitration. Sources say that 'of all the firms I've used, their advice is the easiest to understand.

Outstanding expertise-they know what they are talking about. Kachwaha's obvious in-depth and wide-ranging knowledge and expertise.

The firm stands for integrity and has outstanding knowledge and experience' Extracts from the Report: Regularly instructed by overseas companies. They attend to all queries and look to find favourable outcomes. The turn around time was 'extremely good considering the response required from them was often on an urgent basis' Sources agree that 'the firm is pragmatic and savvy.

The lawyers always have the necessary knowledge and experience to perform to a high standard' It is well versed in a broad range of cases, especially infrastructure, construction, trade and shipping disputes. The group is also adept in providing procurement and tendering advice on various infrastructure projects.

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