How to write a sermon introduction

Writing A Sermon Did you learn how to write a sermon in seminary? For me sermon writing was learned and fine-tuned in ministry. Writing sermons week in and week out taught me a thing or two.

How to write a sermon introduction

What a dumb philosophy. If you want a horse to drink you need to make it thirsty! It should make your audience desperate to hear what you have to say. I start with the presupposition that nobody wants to listen to me.

I then typically spend the first minutes of each sermon trying to buy myself a hearing. In addition to this, introducing your sermon properly also forces you to articulate your big idea from the beginning. Death is a brutal reality. Introduce the passage— why the wine? In light of all the cool things Jesus could have done, turning water into wine was a pretty random way to kick off his campaign.

By introducing the passage this way, I tried to inspire curiosity in the audience and a desire to continue listening as I explained why.

Introduce the question— how do we connect with God? By exploring these competing views I tried to get my audience to ask themselves this question.

When I was confident that they wanted to know the answer, I helped them to see from John 2 that Jesus is the new dial-up connection point to God, but that he is even more accessible than 3G Internet. Introduce the conclusion— get off the fence!

I recently preached an evangelistic sermon in which my big push was to get people off the fence and move them to put their trust in Jesus.

Having told people to get off the fence, I then gave them two good reasons to do just that. By starting and ending with this language, I tried to make it clear what needed to happen from the very beginning.

How to Write an Expository Sermon

Which type of introduction you choose will ultimately depend on the passage you are preaching from. Either way, just make sure that having made your people thirsty, you then lead them to water!

What have I missed? What are some other ways to introduce a sermon?How To Write A Sermon Introduction How to write a sermon introduction provides several insights into writing a sermon introduction.

Before you look at how to write a sermon introduction, you need to remember that a sermon has three parts - an introduction, the body (which is your sermon outline) and a conclusion.

Write Your Own Introduction.

how to write a sermon introduction

Congregants could drive in to the parking lot and listen to his sermon through speakers on the posts next to their cars while Schuller preached from atop the snack bar roof-top. In order to attract a large crowd and get people to come to a drive-in theater to worship, he in-vited the best-known preacher he could.

Jeff Magruder,, share his top 6 sermon introduction techniques that you can use to grab and hold your audience's attention. How to .

Writing An Expository Sermon | How To Write An Expository Sermon

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This commentary is designated as a critical-historical commentary which deliberately contrasts the more familiar historical-critical commentary which . Last Update 9th October, Knowing how to write an attention grabbing sermon introduction is more important now than it has ever been.

It used to be that you automatically caught the attention of your congregation simply.

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