Greatest canadian tommy douglas essay

Since the CBC is quintessentially Canadian, they seem to be the best people for the job. They conducted a survey via email, telephone, website and mail to figure out the top fifty Canadians. The list was a mix of politicians, athletes, and personalities who have been well known in Canada. The final vote was conducted and the winner was… Tommy Douglas.

Greatest canadian tommy douglas essay

The stock market crash of and a lengthy drought devastated the economy.

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Bennett and the Conservative Opposition were inclined to do anything, believing that the economic crisis required no extraordinary measures.

The party that had begun as a social welfare movement changed the tone of Canadian government.

Greatest canadian tommy douglas essay

Both parties suggested changing the Canadian market through tariffs, leaving the provinces to handle the social problems caused by the economic collapse. In the election, Bennett's Conservatives emerged as the surprising victor.

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Bennett maintained the "self-made man's attitude to social distress: As Bennett's government failed to restore the nation's prosperity and the Depression ground on, unrest grew across the country. One effect of the disintegrating Conservative government was "the emergence of new, unorthodox political movements.

The Manifesto promised unemployment and health insurance, public housing, agricultural price supports, laws to protect farmers from creditors and public ownership of major industries and financial institutions.

Its first leader was J. Woodsworth, a sensitive man and devout Christian who held strong opinions on helping the less fortunate. Woodsworth challenged the division between rich and poor and questioned Canada's immigration policy and those who tolerated treating immigrants like commodities, "as cheap labour.

The little girl lived in deplorable conditions, her family sharing one bed, which doubled as table and chairs, and in which she languished with horrible open sores on her body.

The CCF quickly became established in Canadian politics, electing its members to provincial legislatures and Parliament. WWII hastened the party's shift from social welfare to political action.

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At the beginning of the war, the CCF was split between supporters of Woodsworth, who believed that war solved nothing and only distracted people from important social problems, and those who supported Canada's entry into the war.

Coldwell, favouring Canada's participation in the conflict, succeeded Woodsworth as leader. Under his guidance the party flourished.

The following year the party in Saskatchewan formed North America's first socialist government. The Liberals hoped to prevent a post-war Depression and in the process laid the foundation for Canada's welfare state.

To the Old Age Pension plan, they added an unemployment-insurance scheme and a system of family allowances They also promoted policies to support home building, find work for demobilized war vets and increase federal assistance to health care.Tommy Douglas is the greatest Canadian due to the fact he achieved Medicare, became the first national leader of the NDP and fought for social programs even in the presence of strong oppositions.

Tommy Douglas learnt from the experience of his sickness the importance of doctors. Tommy douglas greatest canadian essay: psysico-chemical assessment of natural breeding habitats of mosquito larvae Oct 15, I believe that Tommy douglas was the most outstanding Canadian, many people may say terry fox,yes although terry fox did contribute a Jan 10, I think the “Greatest Canadian” is all about perspective.

Transcript of Greatest Canadian Essay. Tommy Douglas, and Alexander Gram Bell.

Greatest canadian tommy douglas essay

I found these three people exceptional for different reasons. Alexander Gram Bell is my third greatest Canadian. Bell was the man who invented the telephone which lead to many other inventions such as the computer, camera, printer, ear aids, and others.

Jan 10,  · I think the “Greatest Canadian” is all about perspective I mean you cant really compare Tommy Douglas vs. Don Cherry vs. Wayne Gretzky vs. Terry Fox vs. Alexander Graham Bell they are all famous for different reasons. Tommy Douglas and Health Care System - Tommy Douglas and Health Care System One man can save the lives of millions of people with one idea.

An idea that separates Canada from any . Essay on Tommy Douglas Words | 3 Pages. Tommy Douglas Tommy Douglas is one of the most successful politicians Canadians have ever seen. He implemented many social policies and programs in Saskatchewan that were later adopted throughout Canada.

Most of his programs continue today and are an integral part of Canadian society.

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