Dracula mina harker and lucy westenra

She is the year-old daughter of a wealthy family.

Dracula mina harker and lucy westenra

In Dracula[ edit ] Lucy Westenra is a vivacious young woman who is much praised for her beauty, purity, and sweet nature. These qualities earn her three suitors, all of whom propose to her on the same day: She has, in fact, become the victim of Count Draculawho is slowly draining her of blood.

Dr Van Helsing correctly identifies the true cause of her illness and puts up garlic around her sickbed to repel Dracula.

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Even after four blood transfusions from Holmwood, Seward, Van Helsing, and Morris, respectively and despite the doctors keeping a constant watch on her condition, their efforts prove futile. By ill fortune, Lucy and her mother are left unattended when a bat and later a wolf both of whom are Dracula taking on different shapes comes crashing through the window.

The shock causes the mother to expire from a heart attack, while Dracula drains Lucy of blood, almost to the point of death. The men find her barely alive the next morning, but as they try another transfusion to save her, Van Helsing sees that the bite marks on her throat have vanished, and she now has longer canine teeth: She wakes, and for a moment, when Arthur is near her, she requests a kiss in a rather uncharacteristic and lustful Dracula mina harker and lucy westenra.

Van Helsing pulls Arthur away, realizing that she is no longer Lucy, showcased when Lucy snarls inhumanly after she is denied her request. He swears to do so for her sake. Soon, Lucy weakens and dies from her blood loss. Despite this, color rises to her cheeks, making her look rosier and lovelier than ever, a telling mark of vampirism.

Lucy is interred, but not long afterwards, reports spread of children being attacked at night, each child claiming to have been abducted by a "Bloofer or Beautiful Lady".

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The children also have bite marks on their throats, though none has been seriously drained. Dr Van Helsing realizes that Lucy has now risen again as a vampire, and asks Dr Seward, Arthur and Quincey to help him destroy the undead creature.

Luckily, as they watch, she takes only a little blood before flitting back to her crypt. The men wait for her until she comes come back with another victim, and they see the monstrous form she has become.

They confront her and prevent another assault. Upon seeing Arthur, Lucy changes her tone to that of a seductress, beckoning him to join her so they can be a couple in undeath. Her hypnotic spell almost works until Van Helsing desperately brandishes a pectoral cross at her, and she is repelled.

She flees back to her crypt, but is unable to enter until Van Helsing removes some of the plaster. Immediately, the men are astonished to see Lucy use her new supernatural powers to slip inside effortlessly despite the small opening.

They prise open the door and find Lucy seemingly at rest in her coffin. Van Helsing explains that anyone bitten by a vampire becomes a vampire in turn. But if a vampire is killed, the victim is saved.

Van Helsing feels it best that the man who loved Lucy in life play a role in freeing her soul. Van Helsing knows, however, that Count Dracula can reclaim his bride by removing the stake; so to prevent this from ever happening, he decapitates the body and stuffs its mouth with fresh garlic.

Thus, the unfortunate Lucy can finally rest in peace. Appearances onscreen[ edit ] Character in Nosferatu[ edit ] Ruth Landshoff made a few brief appearances as a character similar to Lucy in the German silent film Nosferatu. She is played by Isabelle Adjani.

In both films, her death after becoming a vampire occurs off-screen, and is only implied in the English version. She becomes a victim, and later "bride" of Dracula as revenge against Jonathan Harker for destroying his former bride. Lucy meets the same fate as her literary character, although she tries to attack Arthur before being destroyed.

She is played by Carol Marsh. Abraham Van Helsing, who arrives after her death, finds her to be a vampire, and is tragically forced to stake her as she urges him to kiss her. She is played by Jan Francis. This version was first aired in the US as part of the Great Performances series. Lucy is eroticized much further than her literary incarnation, becoming more than seductive and coquettish, even tempting, and what she says often refers to sex.Mina Murray - Jonathan Harker’s initiativeblog.com is a practical young woman who works as a schoolmistress.

Dracula mina harker and lucy westenra

Eventually victimized by Dracula herself, Mina is also the best friend of the count’s first victim in the novel, Lucy Westenra. · In the novel, Dracula, by Bram Stoker, we are introduced to two specific ladies that are essential to the essence of this gothic, horror novel.

These two women are Mina Harker and Lucy Westenra. The purpose for these two women was for Stoke to initiativeblog.com  · LETTER MINA HARKER TO LUCY WESTENRA (Unopened by her) 17 September My dearest Lucy, It seems an age since I heard from you, or indeed since I wrote.

You will pardon me, I know, for all my faults when you initiativeblog.com mina-harker-to-lucy-westenra. Lucy Westenra (Katie McGrath) Lucy was London’s sexy, social butterfly with a penchant for gossip, flirting and all things glamorous. Lucy was quite beautiful and had captured the eyes of many men, however Lucy always acted initiativeblog.com://initiativeblog.com She begins the story as Miss Mina Murray, a young school mistress who is engaged to Jonathan Harker, and best friends with Lucy Westenra.

She visits Lucy in Whitby on July 24 of that year, In Anno Dracula, a novel by Kim Newman, the first in the Anno Dracula series, Mina Harker became a vampire and Dracula's bride. Therefore, Mina Harker and Lucy Westenra both have similarities and differences. Mina Harker is the epitome of the stereotypical Victorian era woman.

Mina tends to be more conservative and she’s basically in the image of perfection.

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