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Allen Last Wednesday I woke up in the wee hours in the morning, caught a quick shower, and made my way to the airport. The main reason for going? Given the opportunity to chill out in the Florida sunshine with these two. The conference was attended by agents, critically acclaimed and best-selling authors, blogging phenoms, and beginners.

Channillo writing a business

You've tried to help me so I will try to do in kind.

Accents: How and Where and Why?

There's a very good chance you'll hate me for it. I'm a native Indian by ancestry. One of six tribes in the conglomerate. I am far removed, of course. I've only ever known myself to be American.

That is a joke cloaked within a three-quarter length jacket if you have a peek at my ancestry's historical geography. But zip-lipped, mute, serious just the same. The subject calls for it.

channillo writing a business

So it is what it is as they say. I only come out for this: It shines bright in the reflection of your most recent Blog post. So I'd like to share it with you. Our feelings, be they internal or external, come from where?

If I hate you simply for the words you type, from where does that energy generate? If I intentionally cut too deeply into the hoof of your main horse in need of a new shoe while you watch me do the deed, where does your mixed emotion come from?

I offer it comes from the same place as stress. Or any other human emotive process. It is born from within. And, as such, those emotions cannot take hold of us. I cannot hate you if I do not first accept whatever you've done on a person level.

You can spit in my face, you can take a vice grip to my groin, or you can tell my best friend or lover a vicious lie just to spite me. But none of those things will mean anything unless I first take personal account of them.

And if I take personal account of them it is I who has generated the output emotion. I then own it. It is better to accept that I have no control over what happens to me, no matter what the cause -- human or otherwise.

I control any emotive output based on my perception. Therefore, the resulting emotion comes by way of me alone -- not you, your words, or anything that you or natural cause has done -- and so it is "I" that is responsible for the generated "feeling," the output not you. Again, I own it. Therefore, once this concept is accepted, it is me -- I -- that is in control.

channillo writing a business

If that is so, then stress and all other emotive processes comes only from within -- me. I alone am responsible and in control those emotions. If I suffer, there is no one to look toward but myself because no one else has the power to hold sway over me in that way.

In short, my emotions are not generated by anything another can say or do, only from me. Seeing that I have full control over myself, no one other than me can cause negative emotions to occur. Naturally, if my arm is severed off at the ball-and-socket of my shoulder after a car accident, it results in a different kind of emotion.

So if you're dealing with something like that, then OK. But, externally, even if we're talking about the impending death of a dear one, then, no, the emotions generated then still come from within and therefore are within the realm of your total control.

It's a tough subject. Deep I guess is the word for it. But it's also a doable subject. One that can be mastered, understood, and overcome. Take care for now.I was contacted on Twitter by somebody who asked me if I wanted to write for Channillo.

I had no idea what Channillo was, so I had to google it. an extremely generous amount in this kind of business. Lightbulbs started flashing.

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