Best note writing app for windows 8

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Best note writing app for windows 8

Notebooks, Sections, and Pages. Below, you can see that I have two notebooks, one for school and one for MakeUseOf. Once you have your notebooks and sections created, the page can be named by typing on the dotted line in the upper left corner of the page that also includes the date and time beneath it.

You can then begin typing or writing notes. The three layers on the left can be pulled up or put away by tapping on the three-line icon in the top left. Since I mostly use OneNote for school, I prefer to have the lines visible as shown above.

There is also an option for grid paper, as seen below with the options menu pulled up. If you have a stylus, writing is as simple as putting your stylus on the screen. A small icon will appear in the upper right which Microsoft is calling a Radial Menu.

I know, catchy name, right? Well, if you tap that icon, a multitude of options will appear, allowing you to customize 4 different pens and switch quickly between them all.

This simple addition makes it very easy to switch between colors or adjust the thickness of your pen without having to dig through menus. The Radial Menu, despite its terrible name, is actually one of the best parts of OneNote, allowing you to access a lot of settings very quickly.

The color of each section can be changed, and when you do that, it changes the appearance of the entire app, although the bottom pop-up menu will still be purple. There are 16 different colors to choose from, so you could theoretically have 16 different sections within each notebook before having to repeat colors.

I often use it to show connections between different notes in class. For example, I could have a main page with the introduction to a certain topic, and subpages below it for more detailed notes, then another main page with subpages, etc.

Other Features If you select a page or section, either by right-clicking or long-pressing on it, a layer of options pops up as shown above. SkyDrive received a significant update, improving its integration with Windows and adding interesting new features.

Read Morethis creates a link that can be shared with your friends if you want them to be able to see your notes. Very helpful if your friend was sick and missed class. And as briefly mentioned before, it automatically backs up everything with SkyDrive.

No more losing your notes. No more forgetting to press save on Word.

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No more dog eating your notes, which you swear totally happened that one time. OneNote is the digital equivalent of a binder, giving you more organizational control. We show you effective note-taking tweaks you'll love. Read More for the desktop version of OneNote.

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best note writing app for windows 8

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For a "limited time" (specifics were not mentioned) Wacom is offering anyone who downloads the Windows Bamboo Paper app access to its premium writing and drawing tools for free.

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