Banyan tree case essay

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Banyan tree case essay

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To make this expansion sustainably and effectively, the hotel has to do research about market target, trends of the residents in particular regions, the main competitors.


The market analysis will help marketers to understand consumers in more details like their ability to pay, their attitude about the products, and their preference of the particular groups of consumers. Besides, knowing its personality will help the marketers understand their brand image and brand position, as well as, be able to communicate to the right target markets whom have similar lifestyle and personalities.

In this case, IMC is demonstrated to help the hotel in marketing communication processes. To do IMC, the hotel has to know their market targets and how to reach them by sending the messages through media. However, there is variety of media, but the hotel has to minimal its cost by choosing the proper one in order to enhance their brand image, and communicate with their guest.

In the near future, the hotel has planned to expand its business properties through both hotel operation and real estate. Introduction Marketers keen to understand that whether their brands live in the connections or not, and that make they must grab the opportunity by constructing an effective integrated communications plan.

The goal of marketing communications is to enrich brand parity by persuading customers with a customer experience to purchase that leads to sponsorship for the brand. It is quite challenging for advertisers to create an effective integrated marketing communications strategy that delivers transparent, consistent and persuasive messages to make the consumers purchase.

Marketers will have to search new methods to pull out all elements of the marketing communication strategy and blend trends, consumer personality and social media into a single approach. The Communist Party as a single-party state governs the PRC and the government in the capital city of Beijing does the control.

China also has a contribution to global particularly in the past five years.

Banyan Tree's Successful Factors

Moreover, there were some highlights of the changes and progress in their contribution to global economy. This figure shows that China basically spending more abroad.

In addition, inChina had total import of 1 trillion dollars for the first time that was five times from what they were for the last decade.

Furthermore, it can be assumed that Chinese has an enormous spending power according to the following statistics: On the other hand, as one of the huge consumers in the world, China was, at the same time, ranked as the biggest user of energy in However, inChina consumption trends has been slightly changed, but can be easily noticed as well.

Banyan tree case essay

Nolsoee agreed that consumer psychology and behavioral patterns has influenced on the changes of consumption behaviors. It is very vital to have fundamental understanding about the changes in consumer behavior, as the company will be able to do proper marketing and communication with their consumers.

According to Chai, Huang, Du, and Luthere are totally initial nine trends of Chinese consumers. Because of high technology obsessives, they become slowly addicted to digital world, as it is convenient, fast, and free. More importantly, they use it as social currency. As Chinese people become wealthier, they have been facing a lot of pressures from competition at work to insufficient nutrition food and pollution.

As a result, they want to rebalance. They tend to be more environmentally friendly and aim to contribute back to the society. Moreover, they also keen on yoga uptake, juice diets and fitness memberships.

This is because Chinese consumers want to be encouraged and they tend to look beyond the physical product when they make purchasing decisions.

They also expect interesting experiences to stimulate, provoke, and educate, for example, despite IKEA furniture is not so impressive, the in-store buying experience is fantastic.

The Chinese consumers are now likely to extend their nightlife and brands. As now, Chinese people have been empowered to make decision, so they need sufficient and accurate information about the product. Sometimes, they tend to purchase the products that are completely transparent, as they perceive that the consumers have a right to know.

More importantly, they perceive their products as national pride.HOTEL REVIEW. Just one night in Bangkok? Plan on longer. The red carpet is out as hotels renovate and new brands launch from luxe to casual. The EDITION folds as the brand new Waldorf, Rosewood, and Hyatt Regency Bangkok move up the queue and Conrad Bangkok relaunches.

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After applying the VRIN criteria to the resources given in the case, 3 key intangible resources have been identified in helping Banyan Tree (BT) achieve. Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. Her work appears in over literary venues, both print and online, and several anthologies by different presses.

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