Auto spare parts business plan in pakistan face

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Auto spare parts business plan in pakistan face

Asif Haroon Raja Imran Khan IK has assumed charge of the government at a time when Pakistan is in dire economic straits and the disenfranchised people socially traumatized. It is politically polarized, economically weak and is carrying a huge burden of foreign debt and circular debt.

Pakistan is faced with looming water crisis and has still not overcome the menace of terrorism. IK has promised a lot and is expected to show results in next days. He intends to convert PM House and Governor Houses into public places and has taken a lead by shifting to the 3-bed house of military secretary, has cut down servants from to two and fleet of cars to two.

On the occasion of oath taking ceremony, only tea and biscuits were served. At the outset he has made mistakes which are censured by his critics. In his bid to complete the number game in the Centre and in Punjab, he had to induct independents and members from PML-Q and MQM whom he had severely disparaged and vowed that he will never take them on board.

In his member cabinet, 18 are from other parties and only three from PTI. The most censured act is the selection of chief minister Punjab about which apart from PTI, all are of the view that it is not a wise choice.

Placing of jailed three-time PM Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam on exit control list, while ignoring absconder Gen Musharraf living in self-imposed exile and wanted by the trial court is also not well received.

The country is faced with major challenges on the foreign policy front. China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of Middle East also figure out notably in the foreign policy framework.

The US, western world, Israel and Afghanistan are heavily tilted towards India and have formed a strategic nexus. China and Turkey are the only two countries upon which Pakistan can depend upon but both are faced with US sanctions.

He made it clear that the foreign policy will be made at the Foreign Office of Pakistan. Insecurity in Afghanistan has been one of the major reasons for the ups and downs in relations between the two countries. After spending billions of dollars and sacrificing the lives of more than 2, American men and women over the past 17 years, the US wants to terminate the war and exit with honor.

To this end a meeting has already taken place few days ago and the next meeting is scheduled in October. After several punitive steps, the Trump administration has now instructed the IMF to give loan to Pakistan only if it receives an assurance that the money will neither be used to repay the loans to China, nor for the development of CPEC.

The US stand to lose more by withdrawing the training than just the prospects of future relations with the Pakistan military. They have only two plausible access routes to Central Asia. One passes through Iran and the other via Pakistan. Having already severed relations with Iran, it makes no sense to push Pakistan into a corner at the same time as well.

The US has all along been giving a raw deal to Pakistan. Drone attacks, raids on military posts, refusal to reimburse costs of logistics supplies, cessation of military aid, do more mantra etc.

The possibility that Washington may resuscitate the military training program for Islamabad in the near future cannot be ruled out.

auto spare parts business plan in pakistan face

Pakistan is bound to feel alarmed and threatened enough to consider instituting suitable measures to protect her security that may not suit the US in the future. To keep Pakistan under pressure, the US-Afghan-India trio keep hurling unsubstantiated allegations of providing safe havens to Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network.

Imran is also accused of having a soft corner towards the Taliban. The military leadership has concluded that the US is not a reliable bilateral and regional partner. This change in posture has angered the US. Ignoring the hard reality that IOK is in illegal occupation of India since Octoberand that unresolved Kashmir issue is the chief bone of contention which led to three major wars and several conflicts between the two arch rivals, India has created a false narrative that Pak Army stands in the way of good relations with India.Advocacy, APMA President's Message, Automotive Market Intelligence, Business Development, Exporting Opportunities, International Business, Trade In keeping with his election promise, President Trump has brought to a head discussions on revisiting NAFTA.

Pakistan Association Of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers. Register Now Login. Toggle navigation An automobile is an integrated product created through the hard work of a multitude of auto part manufacturers, who apply multiple technologies to create a synergistic whole.

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auto spare parts business plan in pakistan face

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