An analysis of the use of noble lie in the jimmy kimmel show

Dave Janda says Trump is working on draining the swamp in Washington D. I believe it will happen. Bob says when you are taking down a huge organization. When we are talking about people like the Clintons, Obama, the Bush family and Soros, we are talking about middle-level people.

An analysis of the use of noble lie in the jimmy kimmel show

An analysis of the use of noble lie in the jimmy kimmel show

Welcome to the New Enlightenment President Obama says space aliens control the USA: They exercise strict control over us. Space aliens themselves, at least some of them, play a key role in maintaining UFO secrecy.

The possibility that space aliens may be on Earth and are influencing the public policy of major nations such as the USA is not so strange given what other major world leaders have had to say on the topic.

An analysis of the use of noble lie in the jimmy kimmel show

For example, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Dec 7, that Russian Presidents are secretly briefed on extraterrestrials living among us and a top secret agency set up to monitor alien activities. Hellyer claims to have confirmed his UFO alien information with senior military officials in the U.

The story was covered by the Washington Post and other major media. Yet that does not dismiss the possibility that underneath his dry humor was a disturbing truth. Presidents are powerless to tell the truth about UFOs and alien life — unless they do so in a way that maintains plausible deniability, like appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

For those that missed it, here's what Podesta said on Friday: Once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files. Did Podesta attempt to gain access to classified UFO files possessed by one or more government entities due to its relevance to his official duties?

If so, does that mean that UFOs are indeed interplanetary spacecraft that use energy sources far more advanced than anything offered by the fossil fuel industry?

What government entity can deny access to information requested by a senior advisor to a sitting President in the performance of his official duties?

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Thankfully, there are some in mainstream media willing to explore such questions. Is it possible that both the president and Podesta know more than they are allowed to let on?

If your answer is yes, that leaves us to speculate on why they're not revealing it. Is it because we'd be frightened? Or is it because our belief systems would become so displaced that what remains of our social cohesion would dissolve? We are basically being told that the Twitter revelation of a senior White House advisor is not something to take seriously.

He was very serious. As a counselor to President Obama, with all the power that position conveys, he was still unable to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding classified UFO files.

Strategies were developed for how the Clinton White House could gain access.

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Podesta was involved in one of these strategies. The passage of Executive Order aimed at streamlining declassification of thousands of national security files, and involving the White House in the process.

The goal was to shake loose some of the classified files hidden away in the national security archives of various U. Podesta became Chief of Staff to Clinton, yet despite all the power available to him then, and to the President himself, access to UFO files was denied.

Obama and top officials secretly briefed on extraterrestrial cover-up John Podesta was given an unofficial extraterrestrial briefing and passed briefed documents on to Obama and other White House officials Image - Michael Salla John Podesta 's public admission that his biggest regret in leaving the Obama White House was his failure to have UFO files disclosed continues to fuel a media firestorm.

Much of the media interest has failed, however, to raise questions beyond Podesta's X-Files fascination, as exemplified in initial reportsand repeated on Feb 17 in coverage by Fox News and The Independent. A key question being ignored is how did Podesta know such files existed, and had anyone briefed him about them?

It has now been learned that one of Podesta's unofficial sources for the existence of such files is Disclosure Project advocate Dr Steven Greer.

Greer explained the background to his unofficial briefing: Podesta requested the briefing and we assembled an extensive file for Mr. Podesta to provide to the newly- elected President Obama.

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- Harriet Sonja Amchan Schultz - (7/15/) - On Saturday, July 15, , Harriet Sonja Schultz, of Rockville, MD, passed away after a short but intense battle with cancer.

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