An analysis of the hydroponics in the growth of plants

The castings slowly release nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and increased production rates for fruits and vegetables. This is possible because Earthworms grind and uniformly mix the nutrients into simple forms, which are easily absorbed by the surrounding plant life. Despite the fact that many chemical fertilizers list many nutrients and have higher laboratory analysis percentages, the nutrients are not broken down in such a way that the plants can readily use them.

An analysis of the hydroponics in the growth of plants

It's dirt cheap and works like crazy Thomson, Illinois Dear Friend, When the devastating tsunami hit Indonesia on December 24,much of the agricultural land was flooded by sea water for a short period of time.

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Because of this, agricultural experts said the land would be desolate and unable to be farmed for at least ten years because of the salt content of the sea water. However, the following year, farmers - desperate to provide for their families and make a living - planted anyway.

An analysis of the hydroponics in the growth of plants

And something amazing happened that totally confounded the experts In fact, one farmer, Mr. Yacob said, "The sea water turned out to be a great fertilizer Why were all the agricultural "experts" dead wrong about the effects of sea water?

For the same reason "experts" and "professionals" in many fields are often wrong. They ignore any ideas or research that doesn't fit their agenda If they had taken the time to look into the remarkable phenomenon that happened in Indonesia, they very well may have discovered the all-but-forgotten research of Dr.

Maynard Murray and the virtually unknown process he called Murray was a biochemist, research scientist and medical doctor who developed this amazing technology after pondering a single question Murray searched for answers to this question by studying various groups of centenarians humans who regularly live beyond years of age throughout the world to determine why they lived so long.

Maynard Murray Since he could not find any obvious differences, he began to examine more carefully the soils in the regions where these folks lived as well as the foods they ate.

And after considerable study He concluded that the answer must be in the soil and the food these centenarians produced and consumed which came from the soil. As a scientist and someone who specialized in understanding the periodic table of elements, he wondered how many of the 90 or so water soluble elements of the earth's crust remained in the soil and were available for plant growth and development.

He conducted analysis of all the soils and the produce grown from various agricultural regions and discovered large discrepancies in elemental mineral and vitamin content.

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He also studied the soils microbial activity and life. As a result of discussions with other scientists, he then learned that cancer or cancerous tumors were very rarely found in ocean life forms. Knowing that the sea once covered all land masses, he directed his research to the study of sea life.

During the next several years, he traveled for months in fishing boats dissecting thousands of species from the seas and did not find any traces of cancer, heart disease, or other degenerative diseases.

His research concluded that aging on a cellular level does not occur in sea life the same way it does on land life. Murray then analyzed the mineral composition of seawater and found more than 90 water-soluble elements present in a perfectly proportional matrix.

When an excessive amount of any element flows into the sea through erosion or run off, it precipitates out or drops to the sea floor to keep the proportional balance constant. And because of this discovery, he determined that sea life lives and feeds in an environment Murray discovered that our agricultural soils, and consequently the food grown in it, are seriously depleted of minerals through leaching, erosion and over-cropping.

Current agricultural practices replaces only 6 to 12 of the 40 elements considered critical for optimum plant growth and development. He knew that all individual cells in the human body are constantly replaced during the process of cell division. While cell division occurs, the cells are supplied with elements and nutrients provided by the food ingested.

When critical elements are no longer present in our foods, they become nonexistent in our bodies.

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This makes normal cell replication difficult and could explain the cause of many degenerative conditions. Murray deduced that the only logical explanation for the frightening increases in cancer and other forms of chronic degenerative disease is the absence of a complete and balanced chemical physiology.

Murray also theorized that the most efficient method to re-mineralize our precious soils and just as importantly our foods to their optimum mineral composition is to recycle the elements lost to the sea back into the land.

Thus, the technology of Sea Energy Agriculture was discovered. Murray conducted extensive agricultural research trials during a 30 year period. All trials were focused on chemistry and biology of plant to animal nutrition.A fully soluble fertiliser comprising ammonium nitrogen and phosphorous, recommended for vegetables, fruits, vines, flowers, turf and ornamentals.

Cannabis deficiencies and other cannabis leaf symptoms can be a headache for any grower.

An analysis of the hydroponics in the growth of plants

Luckily, many weird weed leaf spots, marijuana leaves turning yellow, the whole marijuana plant turning yellow, and other strange cannabis leaf deficiencies can be fixed by getting a good nutrient system that is formulated for plants like the tomato.

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3 Water Salinity Water salinity is a measure of the total dissolved salts. Saline water poses several hazards: • As the salinity of the soil is increased by the use of water containing appreciable soluble salts, plants .

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