A different history sujata bhatt essays for scholarships

The poet here talks about the affects of colonization or globalization for that matter.

A different history sujata bhatt essays for scholarships

The Poet emigrated from India to the states when she was twelve. She is a devout Hindu. It comments on the effects of colonization and globalization, and the author expresses her concerns towards the loss of culture that comes along with it.

a different history sujata bhatt essays for scholarships

This is more of a formal and polite stanza, compared to the second. It talks about languages as art and their significance in the religious beliefs of the Hindu. This line is trying to bring back something from the past. They are adapting to the local culture because they are disguised as elements of the Hindu religion.

They are foreign but want to fit in to the culture, so they are acting accordingly; which makes the reader feel that they are not a threat. And establish her emotions. They are also a rule of 3 to emphasize furthermore her frustration lines Here we also see the comparison between the Indian and Greek gods.

This is an aggressive portion of the poem, where Bhatt uses rhetorical questions to put her point across strongly to the reader. This stanza also talks about language being used as a weapon, reinforcing the aggressive tone of it.

Which language truly meant to murder someone? That he is the cause for centuries of civilization and culture to be wiped out. She is commenting on the direct effects on culture by globalization and colonization.

Furthermore, there are also negative connotations: If anyone has any further analysis suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments so that I can add your insightful ideas into the post.A different History by Sujata Bhatt. ) The poet addresses the movement of culture across the globe in the very first line, by mentioning the Greek God Pan.

Sujata Bhatt - Different History Summary Essay. The poetess Strata Bath, while writing this poem has given importance to the culture and various religions in India - Sujata Bhatt - Different History Summary Essay introduction.

She has emphasized in her poem by repeating words and questions and thereby making her poem stronger. In a different history, Sujata Bhatt displays her angst at the Indian colonization by the British. This poem revolves around the importance of languages and culture in a society.

a different history sujata bhatt essays for scholarships

It also hints to how language can be used as a weapon and an indicator in any war. A different history 1.

Sujata Bhatt 2. About the poet Sujata Bhatts multicultural perspectiveson language, culture, art and historysurely originate in her own initiativeblog.com in India in , her mother tongueGujerati, she has studied in Britain andthe USA (at the famed Iowa WritersWorkshop), taught in Canada, .

Through a well selected series of language and literary techniques/terms, Bhatt achieves to produce a poem which discusses the mistake made after the collision of very different cultures and then explains the truth and proper customs which have been lost.

A Different History and Where I Come from Essay Words | 4 Pages Elizabeth Brewster and Sujata Bhatt both suggest the significance of place in helping to shape a person’s identity in their poems but they do it in different ways.

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